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November General Election – November 8, 2022

The election process is our most valuable right and should not be taken for granted. Every vote counts!

Workers Needed For November Election

The pay for the 15-hour election day is $15.00 an hour for an Election Inspector. The pay for an Election Chair Person is $17.00 an hour. If you will work the Receiving Board at the end of the night you will receive an extra $25.00 dollars, on top of your Inspector pay for the day.
There will be on-line and in-person training for all positions. You will be paid for training and mileage if you take in-person training. Your training certificate is good for 2 years.

There are different positions available if you want to work the EPB, greet voters or work with someone you know. I will try to accommodate all requests. I want to make the day an enjoyable workday.

I appreciate all of the dedicated workers who work tirelessly to make sure our election goes according to the law.

Your community thanks you in advance for working the elections.

Please contact Theresa Frank at 677-3048 or email clerk@ocwrighttwp.org.